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This crazy technology startup is launching a satellite to take on the Government GPS monopoly

Called XYO, this exciting project has built over 1 million location beacons and is set to disrupt the $11 Trillion dollar location-reliant market
Pictured above: An up close look at the device revolutionizing location as we know it.
TRENDING NOW | 2018.07.07
Staff Writer,
OK, so we're admittedly biased with this one because a core group of our team is behind XYO. But we're not excited about XYO for that reason alone. 

Actually, some of technology's most influential names are more excited about XYO than we are!

XYO came onto the scene out of nowhere in 2018. In fact, it's still flying a bit under the radar compared to where it could be next year.

Charlie Shrem, digital currency pioneer and founder of one of its most prestigious foundations, sits on their board of advisors.

CNBC called XYO a perfect enterprise play for Amazon, and just recently they grew even closer to the e-commerce giant by joining Amazon Web Services' (AWS) Partner Network.

But what many don't know is they've made an even bigger splash overseas in the Chinese, South Korean and European markets. They've even been featured in massive Chinese Publications, including Forbes China. 

So, what makes XYO Network positioned to disrupt the $11 Trillion location-reliant market and create one of the most exciting applications of technology to date? 

Unlike some projects out there lacking any real substance, XYO sits behind a company called "XY" whose been in business since 2012. This San Diego-based company has built over 1 million tiny Bluetooth and GPS devices that help you find and track your lost items.

What the brilliant minds at XYO are building is the software to bridge the digital world with the real world by tapping into these 1 million+ devices already out there in the wild.

The result is the world’s first location-based, trustless, decentralized oracle network that isn't reliant on GPS, which costs American taxpayers a staggering $2 million per day.
In the world of decentralized technology, a concept exists called an "oracle". An oracle is an off-chain data source that feeds information to what are called smart contracts in order for them to execute.

For instance, one can create a peer-to-peer prediction application that awards the winner 100 ETH after a sports game concludes if Team A beats Team B by programming it to check's API one second after the game ends. In this example, is what's called an "oracle".

The idea behind XYO is similar. Except, instead of calling out to to get the score of a sports game, it enables one to call out to the real world to get an item's geolocation!

This is a game changer because XYO enables smart contracts to call out to the real world to program functionalities like, "When item A gets to XY-cordinate (latitude, longitude), then send 100 ETH to wallet address `0x1234...`

Imagine hopping on Amazon to order something and not a single penny is charged to your credit card until it's delivered to your door.  

This is just one of many applications utilizing the XYO Network. 

For the first time ever, decentralized technology will have the power to move from the digital world to the real world. 

And even more powerful will be the ability for anyone, anywhere in the world to carry one of these small devices in their pocket and earn XYO every time they anonymously chip in to help the network and its users!
Pictured: Charlie Shrem, digital currency pioneer and advisor to XYO
Let's be honest: It's the Wild West out there. 

Every day, there's a new "groundbreaking" and "revolutionary" project that hopes to grab your attention (and get you to fork over your money). 

But sadly, most of them lack any real substance and leave you hanging high and dry with nothing to show for it.

What makes XYO unique in the tech space isn't just the fact that they're backed by a real company...

Thanks to a special qualification, it's possible for anyone and not just "accredited investors" to claim their piece of the action.

This special qualification is the SEC's Reg A+ Equity program, and the company behind XYO went through the extensive process to qualify for it.

Other tech projects are subject to zero standards of proper disclosure and financial reporting. However, when you invest in XY, you receive the same reports and financial statements one traditionally EXPERIENCES only from mature, late-stage U.S. public companies.

This means...
  • Audited financial statements from trusted third-party accounting firms
  • Regular filings and updates previously only available to public companies
  • A fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of shareholders at all times
Bottom line: Owning XY's Equity provides you with exposure to the lucrative opportunities of this incredibly exciting space. (We think it's the future!) And if that's not enough, you get to stay involved in their journey through regular filings, shareholder letters and audited financials.

This takes the guesswork out of wondering how your investment is doing!

For a project to have this level of oversight and accountability, is unprecedented and a major win for people everywhere.

But here's the bad news...

At the time of this writing, XY is currently offering a SEC Qualified Reg A+ Securities Offering. However, there's a limit to the amount they're able to sell -- and that's $50 Million. 

Once this amount of XY Equity is sold out, you won't be able to purchase from the team directly ever again.  

To discover if it's still available to purchase, simply click here to head over to the official website.

We recommend purchasing from the team directly for one major reason...

When you purchase XY Equity from the official website, 100% of the funds go directly towards developing the XYO Team and Technology

Alternatively, if you were to purchase through a third-party, your money just goes to flippers, traders and speculators. And there's a possibility it might not even be the real thing!

I hope this gives you a sense of why XYO Network is so exciting! Believe it or not, we've barely even scratched the surface with this one.
After publishing this article, we were able to lock down a special offer from XYO's Community Manager and she's given us an exclusive link for our readers! 

Once you purchase XY Equity from their site using this special link, receive an EXCLUSIVE "Investors Kit" directly from the XYO Team that you can only get by purchasing directly from us! It includes goodies such as an XYO T-Shirt, Hat and more!

Important: Because it is an SEC Qualified Reg A+ Securities Offering, once the limited supply of XY Equity sells out, it's gone forever. 
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